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Concert Band

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 Orpheus: Overture     #012-4365-00  Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2015      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 4:09        
This masterful arrangement of Offenbach’s famous overture to "Orpheus in the Underworld" is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! All the subtleties of the original are captured, from the spirited opening, the lush lyrical themes, and rousing "Can-Can" for the finale. "Orpheus" will showcase your band, providing a fun change of pace for your next concert. Exciting and enjoyable music!  
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Previous Releases
An American Celebration      #012-3132-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2001      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 5:48
An impressive collage of patriotic chestnuts for mid-level bands including treatments of America, The Star Spangled Banner, You’re A Grand Old Flag, Taps, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and America the Beautiful. Outstanding addition to any concert.  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Christmas Can-Can      #012-4140-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2012      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 2:03       
Series: Concert Band Series
In this humorous and light-hearted romp, this famous melody is paired with Jingle Bells, a few other Christmas carols, and other well-known musical quotes. The variety of settings allows all sections of your band to shine, and the grand finale will bring down the house. A clever twist to a well-known theme, "Christmas Can-Can" is a real crowd-pleaser for your next holiday concert.  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Concerto for Drum Set and Concert Band
  #012-3468-00 Concert Band   Listen  
Released: 2005      Grade: 3½         Performance Time: 6:10        Series: Spotlight
Feature your drum set player with this exceptional Larry Neeck composition that is a sure showstopper for any concert. Starts with an impressive "rock" section in the style of Sandy Nelson that is full of energy. The second section is a delightful "jazz waltz" which spotlights the use of brushes a la Joe Morello. The finale is a bold up-tempo "swing" section in the style of the late Gene Krupa which is sure to bring down the house! First rate in every respect!  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Dragons Fly on the Winds of Time
     #012-3418-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2005      Grade: 4         Performance Time: 6:44
An exciting and impressive composition that portrays an epic struggle in the distant past between the forces of good and evil. A wizard, a beautiful exotic maiden, a battle, and our hero are woven in the fabric of this musical tale. Sprightly melodies, lively rhythms and tasty writing for a whole battalion of percussionists produce an opening section which is full of energy and vitality. The flowing adagio section features a nice oboe solo (cued in clarinet) and a horn section soli (cued in saxes) that really make this piece special. A superior choice for any concert or contest performance. Very highly recommended !
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Force of Destiny      #012-4291-00 Concert Band       Listen   
Released: 2014      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 4:42        
Commissioned in honor of a beloved band director who passed away at too young an age, Force of Destiny is a bold, beautiful, and upbeat celebration of the meaning of life and the pursuit of one’s destiny. A gentle introduction leads to up-tempo themes that are alternately martial and lyrical. The delicate middle section, which builds to a powerful climax, provides an expressive showcase for your band. A strong restatement of the opening theme powers to a bold and dramatic finish. The variety of themes, tempos, colors, and expressions in this piece make it ideal for contest or competition, and an excellent way to showcase the subtly and power of your ensemble. 
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The Glacier Express
     #012-3370-00  Concert Band      Listen  
Released: 2004      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 6:49
“The Glacier Express” is a famous Swiss excursion train that has traveled through the Swiss countryside between Zermatt and St. Moritz since 1930. Larry Neeck’s new composition is clearly descriptive of the train’s journey and the spectacular scenery that passes throughout mountains, glaciers, lakes, tunnels and quaint Swiss villages. Lots of musical contrasts including a nice trumpet solo and interesting parts for every section! Ample percussion parts are sure to keep even a large “herd” of drummers both interested and involved. A wonderful piece for developing bands and an outstanding choice for festival or concert performances! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Gypsy Caravan
     #012-3594-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2007      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 3:28
These authentic Gypsy melodies will add spice and variety to your next performance. The piece opens with the beautiful song “Dark Eyes”, and segues into “Two Guitars” which is varied by tempo and mood. It concludes with “The Basso”, a fast traditional Gypsy Dance. Bring the excitement and abandon of a Gypsy celebration to your students and audience at your next concert.  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Kickin' Up Country!      #012-3997-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2011      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 3:05        Series: Concert Band Series
With its southern themes, and up-tempo fun, "Kickin’ Up Country" brings country music to your next concert! Three Southern folk-tunes, "Arkansas Traveler," "Cluck Old Hen," and "Cotton-Eyed Joe," are woven into an up-to-date, high steppin’ good time for your band. There’s even a hoedown spot for the entire band (and your audience!) to "make some noise!" With a high-energy, contemporary country sound, "Kickin’ Up Country" features your band at its rollicking best.  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Of Kings And Christmas
     #012-3049-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2000      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 4:55
A delightful Holiday medley for mid-level bands. Contains “The March of the Three Kings”, “We Three Kings” and “Good King Wenceslas”. While the technical demands are quite reasonable, this is a very impressive arrangement that’s sure to appeal to your audience!  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Return of the Crusaders
     #012-3692-00 Concert Band      Listen  
Released: 2008      Grade: 4         Performance Time: 7:24
Full of cinematic grandeur and epic style, "Return of the Crusaders" provides an exciting and effective vehicle for your next concert. Gorgeous melodies, rousing themes, and effective changes of mood and character portray the crusaders and their quest. The ample percussion parts provide sparkle, and power the bold themes of the piece, which are balanced by the beautiful lyrical melodies that are also present. An especially effective piece for contest, take your audience on a trip to the ancient world with "Return of the Crusaders."  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Sands of the Sahara      #012-4119-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2012      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 4:33       
Series: Concert Band Series
"Sands of the Sahara" paints a breathtaking and dramatic picture of the desolation, intrigue, culture, and storied history of the north Africa landscape. At the start, special percussion effects mimic the sounds of the wind, while a mysterious, faraway flute melody calls to mind an oasis in the desert. Abruptly, a bold theme is introduced by the full band, and leads to the driving rhythms and exotic themes that further propel and sustain the rest of the piece. Concluding, the introduction is briefly restated, and the piece ends in a stunning tour-de-force of color and intensity. Perfect for concert or contest, "Sands of the Sahara" will showcase your entire band with excitement and enthusiasm.  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Stormchasers      #012-3500-00 Concert Band      Listen  
Released: 2006      Grade: 3½         Performance Time: 4:32
A vigorous composition which is full of exciting melodies and vibrant rhythms. Starting out in a fast 6/8, your students and audiences will feel that they are riding along with fearless "Stormchasers" who are chasing a tornado or hurricane. The calm at the eye of the storm is depicted with a beautiful yet ominous sounding section that gives your flute section and flute soloist a chance to shine. An outstanding choice for concert or festival performances, this unique selection will challenge mid-level bands. Outstanding!
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Tales of Sea and Sail
     #012-3270-00 Concert Band      Listen  
Released: 2003      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 4:35
Based on familiar sea chanteys from the 1800's,"Tales of Sea and Sail" is an exceptional programming choice for concert or contest performances by mid-level bands. Includes well known chanteys "A Roving", "Blow The Man Down", "Rio Grande", "Shenandoah", "Drunken Sailor", and "Santy Anna". Virtually every section gets a chance to shine. OUTSTANDING!  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.

Torrents of Fire
     #012-3786-00 Concert Band      Listen  
Released: 2009      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 4:04        Series: Concert Band Series
An inferno of excitement, "Torrents of Fire" will light-up your next concert program. Driving rhythms and aggressive percussion, balanced with bold, lyrical themes, provide a stunning variety of color and intensity. The contrasting middle section, with its optional flute solo and mallet percussion background, provides a hypnotic and sonorous contrast to the hard-driving nature of the rest of the piece. Perfect for concert or contest, "Torrents of Fire" will showcase your entire band with intensity and enthusiasm.
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Voyage to the Edge of the World      #012-4207-00 Concert Band       Listen  
Released: 2013      Grade: 3         Performance Time: 3:49       
Series: Concert Band Series
The voyages of the great explorers Columbus, Magellan, Cabot, and Verrazano are portrayed in "Voyage to the Edge of the World." A bold introduction leads to lyrical, yet driving themes, which depict the tension and uncertainty of the voyagers. A subtle, lyrical theme, which portrays the wonders of the new world, provides a expressive showcase for your ensemble. A powerful restatement of the opening theme leads to an intense and dramatic ending, which will thrill your audience and band alike.  View score & pricing at C.L. Barnhouse.